CVS Launches Brush on Root Concealer From Salon on 5th Ave/NYC

By Faye Brookman

Salon on 5th Ave Brush On Root Concealer

CVS is launching a new option to cover root growth called Brush on Root Concealer from Salon on 5th Ave/NYC. Four shades suited to most hair colors — dark blonde, dark brown, black and medium-brown — will be available on CVS shelves next month retailing for $12.99. “It is a common problem,” said Sam Lubliner, president of Stance/Beauty Labs LLC, the producer of the line. “You are heading out for work or a night out and see dark or gray roots.” While Lubliner said there are items currently available, many aren’t an ideal solution. “They don’t effectively cover roots or they are aerosols, which are difficult to control. Some items are wands or markers that just don’t give the right coverage.” Lubliner, in conjunction with Cospro Development Corp., devised a special brush that wicks up just the right amount of color for maximum coverage. The brushes are packaged in an airless container to reduce waste. Brush on Root Concealer is one of many exclusives CVS is adding as it elevates its beauty offerings.

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